" My son Callum and I have been participating in Bizzy Bee Signing classes since he was about six months old. I love to communicate and believe that teaching my son good communication skills is very important. Teaching him to sign means that he..."

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Dr. Marilyn Daniels

Dr. Marilyn Daniels is recognised as the most prolific researcher in the field of American Sign Language (ASL) and non-verbal communication. She has published five books and countless research articles in well-respected peer-reviewed professional journals. For more than two decades Dr. Daniels has been known as the premier authority in the use of sign language for hearing children's literacy and she continues to inspire professionals and parents to explore the world of signing and discover its benefits.

Bilingualism Matters

Bridging the gap between researchers and our community to help more children benefit from bilingualism. This site was created by a group of researchers at the University of Edinburgh who work on language development and bilingualism in children and adults.

Two are better than one

An article about bilingualism by Antonella Sorace, Professor of Developmental Linguistics and one of the researchers who created the site Bilingualism Matters.

Tristan signing 'thank you'
Tristan signing 'please'
Tristan signing 'sorry'