" We love Bizzy Bee Signing classes because we enjoy singing and signing as well as making music and dancing with other kids and their mums. At the same time the signing classes are educational and fun time well spent on language and musical..."

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The story of Bizzy Bee

Bizzy Bee specialises in the wellbeing, development and education of babies and young children. We offer courses in signing for hearing children, baby massage as well as yoga for children. We are an international company and work with independent teachers from all over the world who share our mission to make a lasting difference in young families’ lives.

What led to the foundation of Bizzy Bee?

After the birth of my first child, Tristan, in August 2008, I took a break from the business world, and decided to pursue a new path. Inspired by my new role as a mother, and keen to develop skills that would directly benefit my son, I developed a real interest in education and child development.

From avid reading, I quickly moved on to getting some real qualifications, and trained as a Montessori teacher for children from birth to three years of age. I also discovered the world of baby signing (and did extensive self-study), and qualified as a children’s yoga teacher.

Looking for a solution to the challenging question of work/life balance, and determined to put my newly gained knowledge and skills to use, the basic idea for Bizzy Bee came about in 2009. My husband, Geert, who was initially very sceptical of baby signing, was converted once he saw Tristan asking for his milk without crying at the age of just nine months. He soon saw the appeal and potential of Bizzy Bee and has since devoted a lot of time and energy to help make the Bizzy Bee dream become reality. And so, in addition to offering courses locally, we also offer a meaningful business opportunity to those who are also looking for a solution to the work/life balance question and who relish the prospect of helping children reach their full potential.

As we strive to deliver quality courses to our customers and quality training to our Bizzy Bee Teachers, we decided to team up with specialists for Bizzy Bee Massage and Bizzy Bee Yoga. We are delighted to have Sylvie Bianchi as Director of Bizzy Bee Massage and Cristin Tighe as Director of Bizzy Bee Yoga. And as I have always been passionate about communication, I have taken on the role of Director of Bizzy Bee Signing.

You can find out more about the three women who are responsible for the Bizzy Bee curricula and teacher training.

Enjoy the world of Bizzy Bee,
Diana Siepmann
Managing Director