" I'm the French speaking nanny of a little girl who has an English speaking mum and a German speaking dad. One might think that adding sign language on top of the three languages Edie is already exposed to would be too much, but on the contrary:..."

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... your 9-month old daughter quietly asking for her morning milk - no crying, no guessing and a happy face when you come back with the right thing.

... your 12-month old son telling you that he wants to eat, letting you know that he wants more and finally that he has had enough and wants to get down from his chair - no whining, no food on the floor and a fun mealtime experience for both of you.

... your 13-month old daughter telling you about all the exciting things she sees or hears on your walk: dogs, airplanes, bees, butterflies, flowers and balls - a very big smile on her face because she knows you understand.

Speaking with your hands ...

Benefits of signing

  • Communicate with your child before she can speak
  • Reduce parent/child frustration
  • Form stronger bond

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Bizzy Bee signing cards

  • Personalise your cards
  • Make your child's favourite booklets
  • Create your personal dictionaries

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Watch Tristan sign milk, cracker, eat, drink, taking a bath, brushing teeth, brushing hair, up and down.

Your child can learn this too.

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