" I am a full time mum and am always looking for activities which provide the opportunity for Thilo to be with other children and which help him develop his skills. Bizzy Bee Signing classes fit this objective perfectly. The fact that Thilo started..."

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Watch Tristan singing the alphabet song. He has been learning his ABC at Bizzy Bee Signing classes since he was 14 months old. Watching us sing and sign the song has always intrigued him. He would ask me to sing it to him at home and soon managed to sing parts of it himself. Now, at almost two and a half, he has mastered the missing (and most difficult) 'L, M, N, O, P’ part. He also recognises lots of letters from the manual alphabet and can sign some of them himself. And for the ones he can't quite manage yet, he often asks me to help him move his fingers into the right position.