" When my son Joel was 8 months old I started teaching him 3 signs which I learned from a book; Joel only picked up one of them. When Joel was 13 months, I heard about Bizzy Bee Signing courses and thought it might be more fun to learn in a group...."

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Bizzy Bee Signing courses

Bizzy Bee Signing offers five different levels of courses, all aimed at children up to the age of around 2½ years of age. All of our courses use songs, games and play in order to teach the signs. At the same time, our teachers will teach the parents or caregivers how to incorporate the signs into their daily lives.

How are the courses structured?

Each course has eight classes and each class lasts for 45 minutes. With the exception of the first course (see below), which only covers about 40 signs, the courses typically cover about 70 signs each. In total, over the five courses, about 330 signs are taught, with the words getting more challenging as the course level increases.

During the first course you will find out more about: 

  • the benefits of signing, including findings from research in this domain
  • what you should expect in terms of results, and what elements can impact your child’s learning
  • signing basics, including how to make some signs
  • tips on getting started with signing

In order to develop a solid base for the subsequent courses, the number of signs taught in the first course is limited to around 40 signs. The focus is therefore on repetition and helping you to make signing a part of your day-to-day routine.  Once you have confidently established a base vocabulary, adding the signs from the later courses will be even easier.

What goes on in a class?

The classes have an informal and fun atmosphere and are held in child-friendly surroundings to ensure that the children can freely wander around in safety, or watch from a distance. While attracting and keeping the children’s attention is also part of the method, the main purpose of the classes is to teach the parent or caregiver the signs and provide tools and ideas on how to teach them to the child at home.

We offer unique support materials for our courses that are equally key to reinforcing sign language in the home or day care environment.