" Ari hat heute sein erstes Zeichen gezeigt: Milch. Er hat es heute Morgen beim Aufwachen, vor dem Mittagsschlaf und heute Abend MEHRMALS hintereinander vor dem Schlafengehen gezeigt. Mein Ehemann hat sich abends selbst davon überzeugen..."

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Introduction to baby signing

Ever wish your baby or toddler could tell you what s/he’s thinking? It’s possible! We can teach you and your baby how to communicate using your hands – even before your baby can speak. Less frustration, better understanding and a new way to discover the world together. This fun activity stimulates a love for learning and offers a whole range of long lasting benefits.

Would you like to find out more about signing and how it can help you to understand your baby? Come to one of our monthly information sessions.

During the information session you will learn about:

- my own signing experience with my son who started signing at 9 months
- benefits of signing with hearing children
- history of baby signing
- a few useful signs to start with
- tips how to integrate signing into your daily routine

Next info session

January 2012 in Brussels - details will be psted soon.

5 € participation fee.

Places are limited. If you would like to join, please register using the contact form on this page. Thank you.